Case Study

Brand Strategy


From Research to Resonance: How Archoral Found its Niche

Archoral passionately believed in the importance of preserving memories and wanted to help family historians and archivists do it better. With their cutting-edge digital archival platform, they sought to revolutionize the way memories were preserved and ensure that future generations could cherish them for years to come.

  • We conducted thorough research into the existing competitor landscape and gained insights into the consumer mindset, pricing, overarching themes, and product feature comparison.
  • We surveyed 300 participants to identify user needs, personas, drivers, and preferences through in-depth interviews.
  • We established a unique position in the minds of customers based on the analysis of the information. We filled the gap in their needs and set them apart from competitors.

The Result

Archoral established a distinct brand language, personality, and name that resonated with customers and set them apart in the market.

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