Case Study

Brand Strategy

The Bangalore Berry Company

Picking Success: How The Bangalore Berry Co Defined its Brand Strategy

The Bangalore Berry Company was committed to spreading its love for locally sourced, farm-to-table produce throughout Bangalore. They turned to us for help in expanding their strawberry farming business beyond WhatsApp and making their one-of-a-kind berry-picking experience available to more people.

  • We studied other players in strawberry sales and farm picking to analyze seasonal availability and concurrent price points, and to understand the buyer journey.
  • We used qualitative and quantitative analysis to do a deep dive into audience behaviors around strawberry consumption, regarding their associations, perceptions, barriers, pricing, packaging, and subscription preferences.
  • We mapped and defined the experience strategy with a relevant positioning by identifying the motivations and drivers of strawberry consumers towards farm-picking experiences for themselves and their families.

The Result

The well-researched strategy gave the brand a relevant and unique identity, marked by its logo and packaging, allowing it to enter the market at various levels.

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