Case Study

Brand strategy


Creating a winning proposition for a brand on a winning streak

Farmtheory saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the B2B agritech market by addressing the issue of cosmetically unappealing produce. They wanted to connect buyers and sellers, promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the process.

  • We evaluated the marketing and communication of the landscape to avoid overlaps and analyzed global brands to understand trends in the industry.
  • The next step was to ascertain how internal and external stakeholders felt about this brand and their openness towards the ugly produce concept. By vetting these insights, we arrived at the core value and positioning of their current business model as well as what they aspired to introduce.
  • We approached internal and external stakeholders for their openness and feedback towards the ugly produce concept. We then determined the core value and positioning of the current business model and its future aspirations.
  • We crafted a cohesive brand and communication strategy based on the new positioning that offered a fresh brand story for Farmtheory alongside ownable names and messaging for ugly produce.

The Result

Farmtheory amplified its vision and purpose of helping farmers with research-backed identity creation and messaging articulation.

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