Case Study

Digital Marketing

Oros Health

Finding Support, Anytime: Oros Health's Anonymous Support Platform

Oros Health was created to help those seeking support and guidance on mental health from other real users through real-time group messaging. The brand wanted to be identified as a safe, non-judgmental, and anonymous space to discuss and understand more about mental health.

  • We positioned Oros Health as “Your 2 AM friend” to encourage individuals to seek help and create a sense of community and belonging irrespective of time.
  • We focused our digital and content marketing efforts on the platform’s key differentiators such as anonymous group messaging.
  • We built a community and created awareness about the platform being a supportive, non-judgmental space.

The Result

The campaign helped Oros Health with 10K+ app downloads and increased the community reach by 22.4Mn+.

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