Case Study

Content Marketing/Social Media


Back in Business: Forum Mall's Relaunch Success Story

Forum Mall in Bengaluru found itself facing a significant gap between what it offered and what its audience wanted. They decided to close their doors to the public in 2019 to re-evaluate their company values and direction. They reached out to us for assistance in creating a comprehensive digital-first strategy to relaunch their brand in 2022.

  • We recognized the need to connect with their audience personally and emotionally to drive brand loyalty and engagement while creating a lasting impression.
  • We prioritized online engagement and customer interaction with personalized shopping experiences that met the expectations of the target audience.
  • We leveraged social media to generate buzz and connect with our target audience and continuously optimized the campaign based on the analysis of the engagement metrics.

The Result

Forum Mall's relaunch achieved impressive results. The campaign generated 6 million impressions with 2.5 million reach in the first month and 44.13% engagement on their page. The success of the relaunch highlighted the importance of prioritizing personal connections and emotions in shaping effective marketing strategies and driving customer loyalty.

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