Demystifying Web and Graphic Design

Design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years!

As shocking as this statistic may seem, this is the current state of affairs. A memorable logo, striking business cards, clean user interface, and strong marketing materials leave a lasting impression with customers. For this very reason, web design agencies and graphic design agencies have become the go-to place for companies to stay ahead of the curve!

What’s the big deal with design anyway?

How often have you made an impulsive purchase because it appealed to your eyes?

The same goes with websites, logos, or business cards – it’s the first impressions that creates an impact.  

Web design is a modern art form that encompasses several aspects including coding, graphic design, and content production. (Web design templates are an easy way to go but they come with their limitations.) Graphic design, in addition to being a key facet of web design, visually communicates complex ideas in the simplest form across multiple mediums and channels.

Disciplines of Web Design


Graphic vs Web Design


Web design disciplines


Advanced Design Techniques


The bedrock of web design is to think about what the user wants, everything they can interact with, and how the website looks.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to get your engines steaming.


As the look and feel of your interface is the user’s ‘first impression’ of your brand, graphic design is paramount. The idea is to intentionally create user impressions – causing them to refer to your brand as ‘friendly’, ‘powerful’, ‘simple’ or ‘useful’ as the case may be.

User Interface

A User Interface (UI) designer works to bridge the gap between what the user expects and what the software needs . The design anticipates what users might need to do on the site and ensures that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use, to facilitate those actions.

User Experience

Always remember that the goal is to lead visitors to complete a desired action, but in a way that feels natural and enjoyable to them! So, User Experience (UX) – a sum of the other two disciplines – is core to keeping the user’s attention focused.


UX - Disciplines of Web Design


Let’s breakdown the principles of visual design a bit further.

Graphic Design Disciplines

The fundamentals are about seeing and understanding how the qualities of the visuals work, and work together. Learn them, live them, breathe them before you delve into any advanced graphic design techniques!


Eliminating messiness and sloppiness is key to a well-designed visual. And alignment helps ensure all elements are aesthetically appealing, together.  
Alignment - Graphic Design


It’s crucial that a user is naturally directed towards content you want them to read. Designers achieve this using larger or bolder fonts, or placing the most important message physically higher than other pieces of information. As a result, you automatically tend to look at what catches your eye first.
Techniques of Graphic Design



Adding a color contrast makes your information pop. This allows you to draw out the most important eleents of your message.


Advanced Graphic Design


Design Agency Dervices



Emphasizing particular elements of a visual draws a user’s attention. An important design basic, this helps strengthen the overall appeal of the design.
What is design agency



In organizing your layout, it’s key to group similar or related elements together in order to create a relationship between them.


Web Design Agency



This doesn’t entail that all elements be of the same size, or distributed evenly across your layout. They just need to be spread throughout the design – symmetrically or asymmetrically.


Graphic Design Agency



Usually responsible for dictating the mood of the design, different colors can evoke different emotions in people. There are certain conventions and codes to consider when choosing your palette, but always remember to not distract from your message.


Web Design Techniques



The parts you choose to leave blank are just as important as the areas you occupy. White space can help focus on specific aspects of the design, let it ‘breathe’, or add sophistication to it!
web & Graphic Design


Design agencies today specialize in offering a combination of strategy, creativity, technology, and advertising services to help their clients carve a niche amidst the communication clutter.  So, if you want your brand to stand out, it’s time to  consult a web design agency or graphic design agency.

The world of design has much to offer, and with the right partners on board, you can efficiently maximize your brand’s impact and presence.

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